Works in both HE and standard washing machines
Water Levels Traditional vs. High Efficiency

Mas Compatibility with High Efficiency Machines

Mas Dual Compatibility Formulas Work in Both HE and Standard Washing Machines

No matter what type of washing machine you use, you now have a lot more choices. That's because we've reformulated all Mas detergents to be Dual Compatible, meaning they work equally well in High Efficiency (HE) washing machines and standard washing machines. Just look for the Mas bottles with the new "For All Machines" logo on the front label!

How do HE machines work?

HE machines use a tumbling action with small amounts of water. After a short soaking period, clothes are repeatedly lifted and dropped by rotation of the drum. This propels water and detergent through the fabrics, loosening and rinsing away soils. Once washing is complete, a high-speed spin cycle removes most of the remaining water to help prepare laundry for drying.

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Why should I use Mas Dual Compatible formula detergents?

Safe for All Machines

HE washers tend to produce more suds than regular machines due to the back and forth tumbling action during wash cycles. Since they also use less water, suds are not as easily rinsed away. This can cause excess soils and foam to build up inside the machine, which may lead to odors, overflow, or machine malfunctions. Mas Dual Compatible formula detergents are specially formulated to generate less foam than regular detergents, which helps keep your washer functioning properly over time.

Great Clean

The suds produced by regular detergents can also interfere with the washing action in HE machines by cushioning laundry as it tumbles. Mas Dual Compatible formula detergents are specially formulated to produce less foam, which helps ensure clothes move freely and any soils can be dislodged and rinsed away.

What are the key benefits for HE washers?

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Less Water

Since there is no need to suspend laundry during the wash cycles, HE washers require only enough water to saturate fabrics. As a result, these machines can use up to 70% less water than regular washers.

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Better Washing Results

The rotation and compression of laundry inside the drum moves water and detergent through clothes, resulting in a great clean.

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Treats Garments More Gently

A tumbling action is more gentle on fabrics than the movement of rotating agitators found in regular washers, keeping your clothes looking better for longer.

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Saves Energy

HE machines use less water than traditional machines. As a result, less energy is required to heat the water for warm wash settings. Additionally, these washers use a high-speed spin cycle to remove most of the remaining water after rinsing, which allows for shorter drying time and additional energy savings.